About Us

ICO Alert is a team of 15 cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh, PA that want to see the cryptocurrency industry continue to grow. ICO Alert is a company that aims to help move this amazing industry forward by propelling the new fundraising models that blockchain technology has introduced.

If you invest in this space as a retail, accredited, or institutional investor we provide tools and resources to help you do so. If you’re an ICO or STO we offer consulting, marketing and more to help solve problems you face in fundraising for your new project. We provide content for you to watch, read and listen to and collect tons of data on every ICO that has ever existed.

Michael Finch

Co-Founder & COO

Zach Quezada

VP Business Development

Josh Bryant

VP of Data Management

Andrea Finch

Marketing Lead

Dimitry Chesnokov

Global Sales Lead

Joseph Argiro

Data Analyst

Zack Gall

Data Analyst

Ryan Dennis

Head of Content

Peter Keay

Senior Architect & Director of Globalization

Henri Frelin

Junior Developer

Evan Schindler

Content Strategy Lead

Connor Alexander

Junior Data Analyst

Brad Campbell

Junior Data Analyst

Cassidy McCleary

Junior Developer

Rebecca Hartrum

Marketing Associate